How To Quit Your Day Job and Be A Full-Time Actor

There Are 2 Kinds Of Actors: Those Who Bring The Check To The Table, and Those Who Get The Check In The Mail- Which Are YOU?

There Are 2 Kinds Of Actors In The World:

1. Those who bring the check to the table, and
2. Those who GET THE CHECK in the mail

Which Do YOU Want To Be?

My name is Bones Rodriguez, and I’m an actor born and raised here in New York City, and I have some good news, and some bad news:

If you’re like most people you want to hear the bad news first, so here it is:


Don’t get me wrong, acting is great- it’s fun, it’s freeing, and you get to express yourself, tell stories, delight an audience, give of yourself, and receive back through the audience and your fellow actors.

But BEING an actor sucks.

You know what I mean- everyone tells you to quit and “get a real job” all the time, people tell you how hard it is because of your “chances of making it”, and even when you do get paid for acting, you can often feel like talking furniture.

You often do some great work, but it doesn’t pay, or you do some crappy work, because it does pay. You barely have enough money to squeeze by between gigs, and while your “regular job” friends are going on vacations, you are always too poor.

And you’re always on the verge of giving it up.

But, it’s not your fault- Our teachers told us to work on our craft, get a “survival job”, send to backstage and WAIT to “be discovered”. That’s what they taught us (even though it obviously didn’t work for them), so that’s what you’re doing, right?

Everyone knows that the acting business is tough, and most people quit before they ever make any real money. They give up and get some desk job and say things like “I had to grow up sometime”, while less talented people who “know someone” get all the jobs.

But the GOOD NEWS is that some people have figured out a way to pursue their career without having to starve, wait tables, or live with their parents.

In fact, I get checks in the mail, haven’t had a day job in over 10 years, and have been a full-time Actor living the life I want. Now I’m teaching other people how to do it too, so we can all be free and YOU can pursue the life YOU want. 

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There Are 2 Kinds Of Actors In The World:
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